Web Development and Services Professionals

Magento eCommerce, Content Management Systems, Appointment Scheduling, Cloud Solutions


Successful projects require exceptional project management. Rimini Software has a reputation for completing projects.

We are experts with Magento E-Commerce, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and DNN.



Great design is beautiful and functional. We help you look your best and effectively communicate your brand.

We are experts with Magento E-commerce and all of the major content management systems. 



Our services include company e-mail, payment gateway, computer and networking equipment, Quickbooks support, and more. 

Our customers rely on us to setup their computing infrastructure so it works and to fix it quickly when things do not work.



We are experts with Microsoft's Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

Rimini has developed application software that is deployed on both services. We have created both Software as a Service and Platform as a Service solutions. 

Our Amazon Machine Instances for EC2 are specially tuned to host Magento E-commerce sites. 


Rimini Blog

Techstars Application: Step 1

by Daniel Joy

Rimini Software recently applied for Techstars. We got close! Our company made it to the final round of the selection process and finished as an alternate. 

This article discusses our experience.